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Bridgestone Winter Tyres

Bridgestone winter tyres – high quality, always at your service

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone has invested heavily into developing some of the most effective and versatile cold weather tyres on the market. Bridgestone winter tyres are designed to ensure balanced performance in all situations - from snow and ice to dry and wet roads.

When temperatures drop below 7°C, having the right set of tyres makes all the difference. Modern premium winter tyres are just as quiet and comfortable as their summer siblings, and they provide much larger safety margins, especially at sub-freezing temperatures.

The best of engineering for the worst of weather

Stable driving behaviour in cold, damp weather is especially desirable in the UK. Bridgestone winter tyres use latest-generation rubber compounds that remain supple and grippy when temperatures drop – long after summer tyre compounds harden and loose adherence.

The Bridgestone winter tyres blizzak range includes a great variety of models, in numerous tyre sizes, suitable for any vehicle make or model – from city cars to luxury limousines, from family cars and Caravans to supercars, and from SUVs to light commercial vehicles. So different, yet they all employ the Japanese maker’s latest cold weather technology.

Investing in safety – with Bridgestone cold weather tyres offers you the best deals on these premium products. If you are looking to buy winter tyres and high quality is a priority, our catalogue certainly has much to offer. Have a look at popular models such as the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-20, designed to ensure excellent safety and mileage for compact and mid-sized family cars.

If you need to tame high horse power figures in treacherous weather, the Bridgestone winter tyre Blizzak LM-25 is the right tool for the job. The Blizzak LM-80 was specifically developed for SUVs, and the Blizzak LM-32 is ideal for vans and other light commercial vehicles.

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