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Yokohama Winter Tyres

Japanese cold-weather technology at great prices, with Yokohama winter tyres

Yokohama winter tyres have long proven their worth. At Tirendo, you can buy a variety of Yokohama winter tyres online - for anything from small city runabouts to powerful sports cars and performance SUVs. Have a look at our catalogue, and pick from our vast selection of winter tyres a budget tyre for an advantageous price.

Whatever you drive, we have a Yokohama winter tyre that suits you. The diverse Yokohama range includes models with different characters, in many tyre sizes. The V902A and V903 are capable snow tyres that also ensure adequate stability in cold dry and wet conditions.

Get on winter’s good side – Buy online Yokohama winter tyres from Tirendo

The Yokohama V905 has achieved an impressive standing in experts’ assessments - having outperformed some premium winter tyres with highly-desirable brand names in ADAC’s 2014 winter tyre tests. If you live and drive in a part of the country where winter can be particularly obnoxious, the Yokohama Ice Guard models are certainly worth considering.

Do you have a fair bit of horse power at your disposal? A model from Yokohama’s high-performance Advan Winter tyre series would make an advantageous investment. Variants of the V902 spec Yokohama Advan Winter have been approved by Audi as original equipment for their posh S6 and S8 Autobahn stormers, which speaks volumes about the quality of these winter tyres.

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