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  • Tyres
    All-season tyres
  • Tyre dimensions
    195/60 R15 88H
  • Weight index
  • Speed index
    H (max 210 km/h)
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Never mind the weather

  • Safe winter grip
  • Excellent handling properties all year round
  • Outstanding driving comfort

Nokian All Weather + brings ease and comfort to year-round use, whatever the season and whatever the road conditions. A reliable and predictable winter tyre that offers comfort and economy, even in the summer. This new special product has been tailored for those who drive only occasionally in snow and slush, perhaps just a few days a year.

Nokian All Weather + has great grip and stability, and it works with precision when braking on wet or dry asphalt. This versatile tyre’s excellent grip in slush conditions is the result of technical innovations: a slush edge, a modern asymmetric tread pattern and polished grooves that force slush and water away from the tyre very efficiently.

Safety and ease

Nokian All Weather + is the smart choice for all conditions: it is safe and easy. It is an excellent alternative especially for drivers in Central Europe who want to get by with a single set of tyres and still be confident even when winter takes them by surprise. In snow, slush and ice, Nokian All Weather + is substantially safer than conventional all season tyres: it offers better grip and faster braking. For demanding and variable winter conditions, a premium class winter tyre is the best and safest choice.

The shape of the outer shoulder ensures stable performance and makes this new tyre easy to handle, while the inner shoulder ensures safety in wet or slushy conditions as well. Nokian All Weather + has a quick and accurate steering response. Precise and logical behaviour means better safety especially when overtaking and cornering.

The tyre’s driving precision and reliable grip are enhanced by its 3D Lock Sipe, which supports the tyre both longitudinally and laterally, as required by the conditions. It also minimises heat emission caused by unnecessary sipe movement, improving the tyre’s wear resistance. Nokian All Weather + is a result of the unique winter expertise of the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer. It is an excellent tyre for snowy roads and bare asphalt, even at higher speeds.

Steady and lightly with respect for the environment

The rubber compound of Nokian All Weather + is designed for year-round use. It combines silica and canola oil, which is a natural product. This improves the tyre’s excellent wear resistance and its performance in wet conditions on different surfaces. The natural canola oil enhances the tyre’s tear strength and improves its grip in cool weather. The environmentally friendly tyre has low rolling resistance, which enhances the effortless and energy-efficient driving experience and reduces fuel consumption.

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