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    Summer tyres
  • Tyre dimensions
    225/45 ZR17 91W runflat
  • Weight index
  • Speed index
    W (max 270 km/h)
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  • Description
  • EU Tyre Label:

Stable, precise and quiet
Retains its driving properties in extreme situations
Excellent wet grip at all temperatures.Nokian Z G2 tyre is the test winner in the 2012 Summer tyre tests of the German car magazines “Auto Bild”, “auto Test”, “gute Fahrt”, and “Auto Bild allrad“.

The top ratings of “Auto Bild exemplary”, “auto Test test winner”, “auto motor sport especially recommended“, “gute Fahrt recommendation” and “Auto Bild allrad exemplary” show the outstanding qualities of Nokian Z G2 summer tyre of the world’s leading winter tyre specialist in the respective test report.Auto Bild” and “auto Test” praise the Nokian Z G2 as follows.

“Strengths: convincing all-rounder with the shortest braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, good steering precision, stable directional control, and low fuel consumption.”

Its braking distance is nearly 28 metres (!), and 22 metres shorter than the worst of all 50 car tyres tested on a wet surface.

“The Nokian Z G2 has the best grip” and guarantees maximum safety.

The Nokian Z G2 is designed for sporty cars and fast driving and belongs to the UHP category, the top class of passenger car tyres.

Nanotechnology and multi-layer structure: precise driving response

The Nokian Z G2 is targeted at demanding consumers, and its top-of-the-range performance has been achieved with the help of the latest development and production technology.

The main innovations utilised in the tyre – the multilayered tread construction, the nano-silica compound and the new tread geometry – form the Nokian Cool Zone Concept, which improves driving stability, handling, wet grip and durability.

In addition, it considerably reduces the tyre’s noise level, rolling resistance and heat generation.

The outer layer of the Nokian Z G2 features a new silica compound, Nokian Cool UHP Silica, which ensures excellent wet grip in all temperatures.

The new compound also efficiently dampens noise generated when driving on asphalt – the tyre is quiet and pleasant to drive.

New tyre geometry: excellent handling properties

The revamped tread design of the Nokian Z G2 enhances driving stability, especially on corners, when changing lanes and dodging. It makes the Nokian Z G2 safe and precise to handle, even in extreme situations.

In terms of appearance, the Nokian Z G2 has an asymmetric inside-outside tread pattern.

The open centre tread design has proven to be the best technical solution, especially in high-speed tyres.

More safety, carefree and comfortable driving

The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) on the centre rib indicates the depth of the main grooves.

Safe driving in the rain requires good tyre condition.

The main grooves must be at least 4 mm deep in order to be able to avoid aquaplaning.

The sidewall has an info field for pressure recommendations. The correct tyre pressure improves car handling, and reduces tyre damage and fuel consumption.

The Nokian Z G2 is completely free of any harmful high-aromatic oils. Like all products manufactured in Nokian Tyres’ plants, the Nokian Z G2 is made using purified oils and with minimal environmental impacts.

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