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    120/70 R17 TL Front wheel, NHS
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The Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pro is a one of a kind, trackday slick tire. The PRO's offers a more flexible carcass and higher duration compound with a new structure derived from the hypersport range, compared to other 17' sizes with similar profiles. The Diablo Superbike PRO works perfectly even with a stock chassis and suspension. Riders need not adjust their bike's suspension to compensate for the typical movement of professional soft racing compounds, nor make the 16.5 inch wheel conversion typical of full professional setups.

With a development firmly rooted in the Superbike World Championship, the Diablo Superbike PRO is painted with technology gathered from six years of experience as sole Official Tire Supplier for the seven manufacturers and nearly 40 professional riders who set multiple track records over a dozen race weekends. However, today's demand for more economical solutions from those passionate about on-track riding has altered the slick tire scenario, since the semi-professional slick riding experience is now sought out by club racers for training as well as enthusiasts just for pure trackday fun. New requirements are now centered on performance lasting: using the same tires over many weekends, a resistance to frequent entrances / exits from the pit, easy bike set up and pure fun in every condition. Pirelli has widened its racing tire range to fulfill the needs of this new market, in addition to meeting the traditional requirements of extreme performance.


Extremely versatile structure and forgiving to imperfect bike setup.
New PRO compound to guarantee a consistent performance throughout track sessions.
Tire is ideal for trackdays and endurance racing.
Resistant to cold tearing.
Quick warm up and high thermal stability.
A perfect synthesis between racing setup, sporty carcass and long-lasting compounds.
Profile derived from the experience of the WSBK championship optimised to ensure a wide and uniform contact surface at all angles of inclination and a regular transfer of power to the ground also in sudden changes of trajectory.
With these tires, you may get more trackdays out of them, than you have personal days to get away from work to use them!
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