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Find your Michelin 205 55 r16 tyres

Michelin 205 55r16 - Profiles for Every Weather Condition

Getting the correct tyre dimensions means longer-lasting tyres and optimum safety plus fuel efficiency for your four-wheeler. When buying Michelin 205 55r16 make sure you also check the load and speed index of the tyres that are already under your vehicle or look in its manual.

Environmentally friendly

Michelin has specialized in 205 55r16 tyre size, offering a wide range of various high-performance profiles for every weather condition. Among others, Michelin’s CrossClimet +, Energy Saver, Alpin 5. All these profiles have one thing in common - they are environmentally friendly. Besides that, they provide good grip, excellent wet performance and comfortable drive.

Innovation as a core principal

At Michelin, the designing of new value stands for innovation, which is recognized by its consumers. Innovation plays and continues to play main role in the Group’s development and performance. Placing innovation as company’s priority in the strategy is a sturdy belief of the manufacturer. Whatever its source, innovation is the principal propulsion of Michelin’s development, competitiveness and continuity.

For Michelin 205 55r16 tyre size simply select your load and speed index in search box to narrow the selection and find exact tyre match to your vehicle. Pick a profile that bests suits your driving habits, click add to cart, sit back and relax as we will deliver your tyres to the address of your choosing.

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