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More Driving Fun with the Right Car Accessories

Accessories for your car make driving a lot easier and also contribute significantly towards safety. Whether it’s safety wests, snow chains or xenon lamps – our selection of car accessories is extensive and offers the right product for each situation. We offer products from well-known manufacturers – also in OEM quality.

The Optimal Preparation for Longer Trips

In the section car & accessories, you will find everything to prepare for trips. For instance, you can buy coolers to transport food in summer and which only use very little power. Sun shades or transport bags are other useful aides for driving.

However, we don’t just offer useful accessories for when you’re driving your car, but also for when it’s taking a well-deserved break. You can protect it from the effects of weather or from dirt caused by insects by using full or half body covers that can be pulled over your car easily.

Car Accessories for the Interior

You can also equip the interior of your car with useful car accessories. For instance, how about new seating covers? Because of the constant use, these should be changed after a certain time. In winter, heated seat covers are very comfortable when you would otherwise have to sit in the cold every morning.

Good Maintenance Extends the Life Span

Vehicles are always exposed to the changing weather conditions. Corrosion and rust are the main threats that can form quickly and damage your car. Tirendo offers an extensive selection of car accessories for these types of problems as well, to help you always take good care of your car. Our maintenance products with high wax content protect the paint surface without leaving streaks or scratches. Door lock defrosters, underseal and maintenance for electronics are the perfect companions for trips and can easily be stored in the vehicle.

Textile, interior and cockpit cleaners contribute towards maintaining your interior and protection it from new stains while also leaving a pleasant smell. The cleaning and maintenance us easier with the right accessories, for instance with high-quality brushes, sponges and polishing machines.

Nothing Works Without Oil

In order to minimize wear and friction, it’s recommended to use different oils and additives. They protect from sediments and corrosion and therefore extend the life span of the car and the individual components. The selection of car accessories includes transmission oils for smoother gear changes, engine oils for lubrication and additives to improve flowability.

Car Accessories for Flawless Tyres and Wheels

Tirendo also offers a large selection of accessories for tyres and wheels. Tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road and should therefore always be in top condition. Only then can they contribute to the safety of the driver and passengers.

In addition, hubcaps are very helpful for protecting the rims from stone chipping and blows. For this reason, we offer a selection of well-designed wheel covers from well-known manufacturers.

For storing summer or winter tyres safely, our selection of car accessories also includes equipment for optimal tyre storage that prevents deformations even in cases of pressure loss. In addition, it is essential for every car to have a breakdown kit so that tyres can be changed or fixed in emergency situations.

Carefree through every season with the right car accessories!

Make Your Holiday Trips as Pleasant as Possible:

Step 1: Install sun covers on the back windows to protect your children or pets from unwanted glare. In our shop, you will find the classic cover with stylish panda design that looks good on any car.

Step 2: Stay cool! In order to avoid getting too hot during long trips, installing a cooler makes sense. You can fill it up with drinks of your choice and maybe also a few snacks to keep yourself and your little ones well-refreshed.

Step 3:Load the roof box! In order to avoid overloading your car and causing heat to build up, use a roof box. Make sure you don’t fill it up completely, instead it’s better to fill the box evenly and not too heavily. In addition, make sure to keep the speed limit of the box in mind when driving.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Now!

Winter can make driving rather cumbersome. Windows and doors can freeze quickly and snow on your windows can restrict your visibility significantly. Using the right car accessories like defrosters, ice scrapers and antifreeze, you can await the cold season with in a relaxed manner.

Make a Contribution Towards Safety

According to the Department for Transport, over 180,000 injuries occurred through car accidents on UK roads in 2015. Carrying an emergency kit in your car is not just mandatory, but also essential in order to be able to take action in emergencies. In addition, we offer car accessories such as starting aids and emergency tools for when your car breaks down. Protect your passengers and yourself, because accidents can happen quickly and can sometimes not be influenced.

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