215 55 r16 tyres

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215 55 R16: Best Online Price for All Types of Tyres

With the tyre 215 55 R16 you opt for a tyre with an average diameter, which with the 215 mm can be already counted as the smaller wide tyre. Numerous manufacturers and series rely on the 215 55 R16 tyres, which are fitted on SUVs as well as on compact and mid-range vehicles. As a common tyre size, all known manufacturers such as Continental, Pirelli or Bridgestone develop tyres in this size. These tyres are offered as summer, winter and all-season tyres.

The biggest difference between the tyres, as with any other format, is the different construction of summer and winter tyres. The rubber compound of summer tyres is significantly harder than that of winter tyres to withstand the higher temperatures. For this reason, the profile of winter tyres and lamellae are equipped to guarantee maximum safety even on snow and ice. Apart from that, the manufacturers of 215 65 R16 differ by subtle differences shown on the EU tyre label. Fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise can be easily understood through this regulation.

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