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All Season tyres

What are all-season tyres?

UK weather is notoriously capricious, especially during winter. While relatively mild, rainy winters are still common, exceptions are increasingly frequent and utterly unpredictable. Many experts are looking to all-season tyres as a viable response – especially given the British motorist’s traditional reluctance to alternate between summer and winter car tyres.

All-season tyres combine the properties of winter and summer tyres to provide year-round usability. They ensure a good balance between the performance and durability of summer tyres in warm weather, and the cold-weather prowess of winter tyres. For this purpose, manufacturers employ complex tread patterns with winter and summer zones, and rubber compounds that can adapt to a wider temperature range. 

Are all-season tyres the best choice for year-round use?

Yes, absolutely. For too many years, motorists have assumed that their summer tyres will perform well enough in winter, as long as they slow down a bit, or leave the car at home when it snows. But manufacturers, road safety organisations, and the motoring press have in recent years conducted numerous tests and information campaigns to get the message across – summer tyres are not suitable for year-round use.

Keeping winter tyres on over summer is in principle less unsafe, but there is literally a price to pay. Their softer rubber compounds wear quickly in warm weather, and fuel economy suffers as well. Still, many drivers are not comfortable with changing their tyres again and again, every spring and autumn. If you are one of them, why not use a product that was actually designed for the job? Try an all-season tyre.

Are all-season tyres all the same?

If anything, these remarkable products are even more diverse than their specialised brethren. While all-weather tyres have been popular for a long time in some markets, not all of them are suitable as year-round tyres. But most modern all-season tyres have full cold weather credentials – attested by the presence of the M+S (mud & snow) marking, and often the ‘Snowflake’ symbol as well.

Many all-seasons are chiefly focused on cold weather performance. In fact, numerous current models are essentially winter designs engineered to better tolerate warm weather conditions. However, some latest generation all-weather tyres, like the Michelin CrossClimate or the Nokian WeatherProof, manage to achieve summer tyre-like warm weather performance, while retaining adequate cold weather qualities.

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