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King Meiler Car All Season Tyres

King Meiler Car All Season Tyres - Genuine Quality Products

The retreaded King Meiler car all-season tyres go through comprehensive tests that are in no way inferior to those of conventional tyres. Only then does the all-season tyre leave the factory. With these genuine quality products, you are safe on the streets in both summer and winter. Of course, the retreaded tyres are marked with the M+S symbol for winter operation throughout the year. In regions with only a moderate winter, the special type of tyre is just right for price-conscious motorists.

Models such as King Meiler AS-1, impresses with asymmetric, non-directional profile with clearly recognisable summer-winter side. This tyre offers optimum performance on dry and wet roads, and maximum winter grip. Longitudinal grooves in the tread provide additional road grip. The AS-1 tyres are quiet and the braking behaviour in dry and wet conditions is perfect.

The King Meiler tyres offer you the opportunity to drive with sturdy and secure tyres at affordable prices. The company located in northern Germany - Hinghaus and its brand name King Meiler have handled the professional retreading of used tyres for more than 60 years. The company continuously works on the improvement of these tyres.

The King Meiler tyre is made of three basic pillars. The first is as already mentioned low price. The second pillar is the safety of tyres this company seeks in many ways. Partly by using the latest design, partly by other means, ensuring that the tyre meets the challenges of any terrain or condition. This means, among other things, the tyres are made to prevent water jams. Their strong grip on the track is also ensured on wet surfaces. It also means that tyre stability has been thoroughly tested and checked. The last pillar that defines King Meiler products is environmental consciousness as European legislation sets high standards for noise and environmental load caused by tyres.

Bottom line, there are three good reasons to buy the King Meiler car all season tyres. They are safe, cheap and environmentally friendly. The tyres from this manufacturer are therefore a good choice in every corner of the world and you can get them at However, if you still prefer to switch the tyres with every season, you can select your favourite among summer and winter tyres.

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