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Nokian Car All Season Tyres

Nokian Car All Season Tyres - Precise in the Summer, Safe in the Winter

Following the current trends, the Finnish brand Nokian is trying to put a stop to the tyre change game of chance that annoys motorists every spring and autumn with its Nokian car all season tyres. That is why for the first time in its history, the Nokian Tyre developed a product for all weather conditions. In fact, all-weather tyres from Nokian Weatherproof family are winter tyres that are reliable in all seasons and suitable for use throughout the year. They represent a combination of all positive key features of winter and summer tyres. These passenger and SUV tyres are designed for those who want a safe option for snow, slush and rain, but also efficiency and excellent performance during the summer months.

To settle such contradictory demands was neither easy nor simple. It took thousands of hours of testing in Ival but also on trails in Germany and Spain, until the ""versatile"" Nokian Weatherproof tyre was not completely ready. Each millimetre of the aggressive design of his profile has a definite role. A balanced, symmetrical pattern, with a pronounced central part (mid area), as well as large blocks, is carefully refined to provide excellent adhesion on the snow and a wet surface.

These V-blocks provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces, and a large number of lamellas and the way the blocks are treated increase the grip on the sidewalls and thus further improve grip. Vertical elevations between the central and shoulder blocks reinforce the precise steering feel as well as the excellent mid-range snow grip.

Just for a better fit and protection of traction on snow and slush, there are broad and open channels on the central blocks. They effectively expel water and slush between the tyre and road, thus efficiently preventing slippering on the ice and aquaplaning.

Try Nokian car all weather tyres from at reasonable prices. Buying tyres for all seasons of Nokian brand will keep you safe on the road all year round. Benefit from our range of sizes available for all vehicle types and models. Order comfortably online now!

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