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Continental SportContact 5P Tyres

Ride On Continental SportContact 5P To Enjoy High Performance

Are you looking for a car tyre that will make you feel quite comfortable behind the wheels? Do you want to enjoy riding a sports car feeling in your passenger car? Well, fit Continental SportContact 5P tyres to enjoy superior handling experience.

History of Continental tyres

The Continental tyres were founded in 1871 with the main aim to offer great driving comfort and pleasure with great handling on the busy streets and roads. The company was the first to introduce the tyre with tread pattern in 1904. It is a very popular tyre company all over the world and has come a long way from a humble beginning. The latest among its range of tyres is the eContact electric vehicle tyres. Safety is the main thing that the company concentrates on everything that it does. It wants to offer the customers high quality products, be it tyres, automotive innovations and in the field of processing. There are as many as 200,000 skilled employees working for the company in 53 countries for its range of transport, processing and mobility products and solutions. Their operations and delivering of the products are done with great precision and high quality standards. This is why it is one of the most reputed tyre brands in the world.

Tyre types offered by Continental

There is a huge demand for Continental tyres, all over the world because of its braking and safety standards. You will find both summer and winter tyres for your cars from Continental. They are offered in a wide range of categories. The summer racing tyres with great performance include: Continental SportContact 6, 5, 5P, 3 and Conti ForceContact. The other summer tyres are: Conti PremiumContact, Conti EcoContact 5 and 3, Conti PremiumContact 2 and Conti eContact tyres for hybrid and electric cars. The Continental winter tyres are: WinterContact TS 850, 850P, 830, 830P, 800, 810 and 810Sport.

Technical specifications of Continental SportContact 5P

The tyre that will offer you high quality performance and superior handling even at higher speeds is the Continental SportContact 5P tyres. This tyre is specially designed for drivers who love to enjoy high performance and is best suited for sports cars.

  • The tyre offers short braking distances on bit the wet and the dry road conditions.
  • It offers great grip and stability when you are turning the vehicle at the corners.
  • It offers top class steering precision and you will enjoy a sporty handling behind the wheels.
  • The Continental SportContact 5P is designed to meet the requirements of the rear and the front axle positions.
  • Black Chilli technology makes sure that the vehicle does not go fast, but it also stops faster.

Size details of Continental SportContact 5P tyres

  • The tyre comes in rim diameter from 18” to 22” with tyre width size from 225 to 325 and tyre height profile from 30 to 40.
  • The fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels for 18” tyres read as: F, B and 72 and 73dB respectively.
  • C to F, A and B and 72 to 75 are the fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level EU ratings of the 19” to 22” tyres respectively.
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