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Continental WinterContact TS 780 Tyres

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Buy Continental WinterContact TS 780 For Better Road Grip

If you are looking for a serious performance during winter season, then opt for Continental WinterContact TS 780 tyres. These tyres ensure smooth riding, high performance, great traction and better road grip when driving your cars during winters.

History of Continental tyres

The Continental company is a leading German tyre manufacturer which started its operations in Hanover in 1871. It is the world’s fourth largest tyre manufacturer and specializes in automotive safety, braking systems, chassis and power train components and many other parts for transportation and automotive industries. Continental started as Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie. It is a very popular brand when it comes to passenger car tyres and bicycle and motorcycle tyres. All the major automobile, truck, car and bus manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, General Motors, Daimler AG, etc., are the customers of Continental tyres.

The company entered the American shores in 1987 and has its headquarters in Lancaster County, South Carolina. The tyres manufactured by Continental are known to offer great and reliable tracking in all the different weather conditions. These tyres are cost effective and the company manufactures tyres for all applications from buses and trucks to motorcycles and bicycles. The Continental company is divided into business units like chassis and safety division, tyre section, power train division, Contitech division and interior division.

Types of Continental tyres offered

You will not find difficulty in finding the tyre suited for your vehicles from Continental. They offer passenger car tyres, light van and truck tyres, bus and truck tyres and industrial tyres. You will find summer as well as winter and all season tyres in the Continental tyre line up. The summer tyres on offer are: SportContact, ContiSportContact, ContiEcoContact, CopntiForceContact, ContieContact hybrid and electric car tyres and ContiPremiunContact. The winter tyres offered by Continental include: Continental WinterContact, Vanco Winter, ContiCrossContact Winter, Conti4x4Winter Contact and ContiwinterContact Sport.

Continental WinterContact TS 780 technical specifications

The Continental WinterContact TS 780 is a winter tyre that comes with the M+S marking and also the snow flake symbol. This tyre has a speed index of 190 Km/h. The tyre has honeycomb sipes to ensure that the tyre gets a better grip on wet and icy road conditions. The tyre is made to suit all weather conditions.

  • The tyre offers better, shorter distance braking on snow and ice. You will also enjoy good acceleration on the snow and ice.
  • The tyres are durable and have an excellent wear life.
  • The tyre offers superb protection against aquaplaning and hence can be used on wet roads.
  • It has an extra tread patch to ensure great stability and grip on corners, even at high speeds.
  • It is also easy on dry roads.

Other details of Continental WinterContact TS 780

  • The Continental WinterContact TS 780 has rim sizes 13 inch to 15 inches with tyre width size ranging from 145 to 175 and the tyre height profile from 70 to 80.
  • The EU label ratings for the tyre are: F and G for fuel efficiency, C for wet grip and B for noise. The noise levels are 71dB.
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