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Specifically made to perform under severe winter conditions, Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 offers improved traction, excellent aquaplaning resistance, and good braking performance. As a winter tyre that has been engineered for premium winter performance, Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 is the only tyre you’ll need for when you hit icy roads.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 Winter Tyres Are OE-Approved

These winter tyres are made with a new silica compound to ensure improved bite on the snow and boast a host of features such as directional tread pattern, maximized blade structure, wide grooves for water evacuation. Wide grooves and high-density sipes reduce risk of aquaplaning, ensuring that drivers have optimal control when navigating slushy, wet and thawing surfaces. These all translate to improved grip on both dry and wet surfaces in all wintry road conditions.

Directional tread pattern, on the other hand, increases traction and helps reduce braking distances on slippery roads. Because of the tyre’s superior high speed stability and enhanced winter traction, the Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 has become the OE-approved (original equipment) tyre for luxury cars.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 Features

Like the rest of Dunlop tyres, the SP winter sport series utilizes the Dunlop RunOnFlat technology to allow for continued driving for up to 80km after a puncture or a blowout at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. This is a crucial feature for tyres especially when navigating slippery surfaces.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport m3 tyre dimensions range from a width of 175 to 275mm with the tyre's height ranging from 35 to 80% of the tyre's width. These winter tyres fit wheels with a diameter ranging from 14 to 18 inches.

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