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Falken Eurowinter HS-435 Tyres

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About Falken Eurowinter HS-435 tyres

These winter tyres from Falken are best suited for small compact cars, middle class sedans and estate cars. This is a medium winter tyre that made using advanced technologies. The tyre integrates well with driving safety systems offered on the modern day cars like the ABS, EBD, etc. These tyres meet the EU tyre label standards and come with tread construction that offers low noise, vibration and stability.

Features of Falken Eurowinter HS-435 tyres

Falken Eurowinter HS-435 tyre is made using rubber compound that is highly flexible during low temperatures and is most suited for European winter conditions. These Falken tyres have an aggressive design and decent use of rubber and silica compound to offer better control of the car on icy and snowy roads. The shoulder area of the tyre is strengthened with bold tread blocks that will improve traction on difficult roads. The grooves of the tyre are designed in such a way that it will disperse away the water and slush from the surface to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Specifications of Falken Eurowinter HS-435 tyres

The Falken Eurowinter HS-435 tyre specifications that exactly fit 13 inch wheel diameter is 145/80 75T, where the first three digit number is the width followed by the height profile and then the load and speed indexes. The tyre specifications sold at that suit 15 inch wheels are: 195/70 with 97T and S ratings along with a special feature of carrying an extra load. The EU tyre label rating for 14 inch and 15 inch rim wheels are: F fuel efficiency, C wet grip, 70 dB noise level and E fuel efficiency, C wet grip and 73 dB noise level respectively.

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