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Toyo PROXES T1-R Tyres

Features of Toyo Proxes T1 R

The Toyo Proxes T1 R tyres are designed to provide excellent handling and stability even at high speeds. Tread compound with more silica provide good dry and wet performance. The exclusive tread design offers unvarying steering response and good traction, which results in better braking performance and proper wear resistance. The V-shaped grooves disperse water and offer good wet performance. The parallel shoulder slits reduce chances of irregular wear.

Tyre specifications of Toyo Proxes T1 R

The Toyo Proxes T1 R tyres are made to fit rim sizes 14 to 20 inches. The tyre specs for 14 inch rims are from 195/55 82V to 225/40 82V. The tyre specifications for 15”, 16” and 17” wheels are from: 185/55 82V to 225/50 91V; 185/50 81V to 245/35 86W and from 205/45 88W to 245/35 87W respectively. The tyres that suit 18 inch wheels range from 205/32 81Y to 295/35 103Y and tyres that fit 19 inch wheels are from 245/45 102Y to 315/25 98Y. The tyres suited for 20 inch rims are offered by from 245/40 99Y to 345/25 104Y. All tyres specs are denoted as tyre width/height and load and speed index, respectively. uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our website. By using our site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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