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Winter tyres

Winter tyres are currently not mandatory in Britain. Traditionally, they have been regarded as specialised snow tyres, and snowy winters are less common in the UK than in other parts of Europe. However, most modern products of this class are actually best described as cold weather tyres, and are designed to work effectively in all road conditions at low temperatures.

Numerous tests have been performed by manufacturers and prestigious independent organisations - such as ‘Auto Express’ magazine, one of the biggest supporters of winter tyres in the UK – in cold dry and wet conditions, as well as on ice, slush, and snow. The conclusion is that modern studless winter tyres are far superior to summer tyres even on wet roads when temperatures drop below 7°C.

Also, on snow, ice, or when temperatures are lower than -5°C, these cold weather tyres are clearly superior to all-season rubber of similar quality. Please note, however, that using studded tyres with metal studs on public roads is illegal in Britain – so studless models are probably for you.

Why are cold weather tyres a great choice for the cold season?

TyreSafe, one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, is an active advocate of winter tyres. They point out that, although damp roads may look similar in warm and cold weather, true cold weather tyres perform much better in such conditions at low temperatures. The broad consensus among experts is that winter tyres are the best choice for the cold season, even when snow is not a common issue – and especially when it is!

Cold weather tyre technology has advanced considerably from the times when such products mainly relied on studs for better grip on frozen surfaces. Today’s winter tyres employ advanced rubber compound formulas with higher natural rubber and silica content. These prevent hardening at low temperatures, ensuring superior grip and load management.

A special, more open tread pattern is also important for adequate traction and control on ice, snow, or slush. Winter tyre treads display aggressive-looking arrays of wide grooves, sipes, and micro-sipes that allow them to keep their footing on the snow. The open treads are also effective at resisting aquaplaning, as they can easily move out of the way large quantities of fluid.

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