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Sunny Car Winter Tyres

Exceptional value for your money, with Sunny winter tyres from Tirendo

Sunny is one of the most successful budget tyre brands in the UK market. Their strategy is simple and effective – extremely advantageous car tyre prices and solid engineering. The result is true affordable quality, and this is particularly tempting when it comes to winter tyres – which can be quite a bit more expensive than their summer counterparts.

At Tirendo, we have a large selection of Sunny winter tyres for sale, and the already excellent prices can be reduced even more by looking for our frequent special tyre offers. Why run the risk of keeping your summer tyres on for the cold season, or buying unreliable, used cold-weather tyres? With Sunny winter tyres, you can drive anywhere, in any weather, and still keep your wallet happy.

Sunny winter tyres – the clever way to invest in your own safety

We have a full stock of Sunny winter tyres – our user-friendly search option will help you easily find the models and tyre sizes that suit your requirements. The cheap tyre Sunny SN3830 is an extremely popular design for cars and SUVs, produced in sizes of 14 through 19 inches. The Sunny Wintermax NW211 and the Sunny SN3860 complete the range, focusing more narrowly on compact and mid-sized vehicles.

You can also buy a variety of cheap Sunny van and caravan tyres online from Tirendo. These products are sturdy and efficient, just what a transporter needs to keep things rolling smoothly. The Sunny SN290 and SN290C, as well as the Sunny SnowMaster SN293C, provide a cost-effective alternative to skidding unsafely along frozen roads on summer tyres.

Who says quality has to cost a king’s ransom? You can buy cheap winter tyres from sunny online at, and enjoy your cold-season drives in safety.

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