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Three steps to buying tyres

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Product information

A. Select tyre – which tyre fits my vehicle?


Find your tyre size by one of the tyres to be replaced.

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Look at the specification found on the sidewall of the tyres you are replacing. Please note that the information may differ on summer and winter tyres.
Here is one example of the information you find on the sidewall:

195/60R15 88 H

195 = width of tyre in millimeter         60 = tyre profile (the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width)         R = radial tyre
15 = size of the rim in inches         88 = load index         H = speed index

B. Tyre mix

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Combination Is it legal? Recommended by Tirendo
Diagonal and radial tyres No No
Tyres of different models or manufacturers Yes No
Summer/Winter tyres Yes (but for winter conditions, you must have winter tyres. Studded tyres can only be used in winter conditions, whereas friction tyres can be used all year round) No – Winter Tyre rubber mix and pattern profile, makes it behave differently. Different tread
Different tread Yes No – Tyres with the better profile usually belongs on the rear axle Different size / dimension (unless the vehicles handbook state it is allowed for front and rear axle).
Different size / dimension (unless the vehicles handbook state it is allowed for front and rear axle). No No – unless:Installing the spare tyre if you have a flat tyre and to go to a workshop.
Runflat-tyres with standard tyres Yes No

C. Different types of tyres


Winter tyres

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M+S labelling
Can also be labelled MS, M & S, MS, MS or Mud and Snow. Snow tyres should have this labelling and are specifically developed for driving in winter conditions.

Snow flake symbol
Can be labelled with a snow flake or M.S, M&S, M-S, MS eller Mud and Snow. Snow tyres should have this labelling and are specifically developed for driving in winter conditions.


Rubber mix
Winter tires have a special rubber compound, which ensures that winter tyres do not harden when temperatures drop.


Summer tyres

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Summer tyres has a rubber compound that ensures that it do not too soften at high temperatures. This blend also allows higher speeds with less wear. Here it also is important to find a balance between low rolling resistance and good grip in the wet driving conditions.


All season tyres

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All season tyres are tyres that suit both summer and winter conditions. These are not especially designed for winter driving and thus should not be used when winter conditions prevail. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that these tyres have a softer rubber compound, making them wear a little faster and less fuel efficient than season tyres..

D. Technical information


What information do I find on the sidewall of the tyre?

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  1. Manufacturer (name or logo)
  2. Product name
  3. Dimensions:
    205 = Width of tyres in millimeter
    55 = Tyre profile (the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width)
    R = Radial tyre
    16 = Rim in inches
  4. 91 = Loading index
    V = Speed index
  5. E = Tyres optimized for rolling resistance (for certain vehicles)
  6. Tubeless tyre
  7. International labelling
  8. Manufacturer: Factory, size of tyre and design
    Date of manufacture (week/year) 0811 = week 8 year 2011
  9. T.W.I.: Tread Wear Indicator.
  10. Country of manufacture

Speed index

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The speed index indicates what speed the tyre can handle. The letter “T” for example, indicates that the maximum speed for the specific tyre is 190 km/h. You can find the letter on the sidewall of the tyre, close to the tyre dimensions. The table below shows the speed which letter indicates:

Class km/h
A1 5
A2 10
A3 15
A4 20
A5 25
A6 30
A7 35
A8 40
B 50
C 60
D 65
Class km/h
E 70
F 80
G 90
J 100
K 110
L 120
M 130
N 140
P 150
Q 160
R 170
Class km/h
S 180
T 190
H 210
V 240
W 270
Y 300
VR > 210
ZR > 240

Load index

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You can find the Load Index (LI) next to the tyre size and the speed index. The load index refers to the maximum load for a tyre at the speed indicated by the speed index. See table below:

LI kg
50 190
51 195
52 200
53 206
54 212
55 218
56 224
57 230
58 236
59 243
60 250
61 257
62 265
63 272
64 280
65 290
66 300
67 307
68 315
69 325
70 335
71 345
72 355
73 365
74 375
LI kg
75 387
76 400
77 412
78 425
79 437
80 450
81 462
82 475
83 487
84 500
85 515
86 530
87 545
88 560
89 580
90 600
91 615
92 630
93 650
94 670
95 690
96 710
97 730
98 750
99 775
LI kg
100 800
101 825
102 850
103 875
104 900
105 925
106 950
107 975
108 1000
109 1030
110 1060
111 1090
112 1120
113 1150
114 1180
115 1215
116 1250
117 1285
118 1320
119 1360
120 1400
121 1450
122 1500
123 1550
124 1600

Measurement table: What width of tyres fit my rims?

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In the table below you will find the width that fits your rims:

Width of rim (inches) Ideal width of tyre (mm) Minimal width of tyre (mm) Maximal width of tyre (mm)
5,0 165 or 175 155 185
5,5 175 or 185 165 195
6,0 185 or 195 175 205
6,5 195 or 205 185 215
7,0 205 or 215 195 225
7,5 215 or 225 205 235
8,0 225 or 235 215 245
8,5 235 or 245 225 255
9,0 235 or 245 235 265
9,5 255 or 265 245 275
10,0 265 or 275 255 285
10,5 275 or 285 265 295
11,0 285 or 295 275 305
11,5 295 or 305 285 315
12,0 305 or 315 295 325
12,5 315 or 325 305 335

Uniform Tire Quality Grading: U.T.Q.G.

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Uniform Tire Quality Grading ( U.T.Q.G.) Makes it possible to compare three properties of all tyres, these are; wear, traction and temperature resistance. The tests are partially carried out under racing conditions.


Depth of tread

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The tread depth of new tyres is about 8 millimetres. The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres (does not include winter tyres, then it is 3 millimetres).

However, it is recommended that tyres have at least 3 millimetres (4 millimetres for winter tyres). Furthermore, it is recommended that you install tyres with the same tread pattern and depth on all four positions, at least axial (front and rear).


Manufacturer date

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Over time, the tyre loses its softness. UV and weather conditions causes war on the rubber compound. As a result, there might be cracks in the rubber layer, which in turn can increase risk of traffic accidents.

The tyre may only be classified and sold as new if the manufacturer date is less than 36 months old.


EU Tyre Label

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From November 1st, 2012 with some important updates in 2021, all tyres available for sale must carry a tyre label. This Tyre Label must show the tyre's classes according to the EU Tyre Label criteria regarding rolling resistance, wet grip and noise emissions. The EU Tyre Label Directive is binding for all EU member states and applies to all passenger car, light truck and truck tyres of classes C1, C2 and C3.

The aim of the EU Tyre Label is to inform EU consumers better about the safety and environmental characteristics of a given tyre. The Tyre Label should actively support consumers in choosing new tyres.

Abbildung des EU-Reifenlabels



A. To make an order


How can I make my order at

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At you can easily look for your favourite tyres without any obligations.When you find the tyres you want to order, we will kindly ask for your e-mail address, billing address and delivery address.

Search function:

The easiest way to find the tyres that suits your vehicle is to use our search tool on our homepage. You start by choosing the type of tyre. Please make sure you have the correct tyre dimension on the tyres to be installed on vehicle, note the dimensions of winter and summer tyres might differ. Please enter the dimensions you need. Depending on your preferences, you can also limit the search by choosing a specific brand or season. After you have entered the information above, and we will make an offer customised for you.

Once you have decided which tyres you want to buy, you can complete your purchase. You will find a summary of your chosen products in your cart. You do not only get an overview in your cart, you can also easy change the tyres you have chosen – either in terms of type of tyre or number of tyres to be purchased. You can also remove products you do not want.


In next step we will kindly ask you to enter the information necessary to complete your order.

We offer two types of delivery:

  1. Delivery to billing address or other address
  2. Delivery to fitting partner

Then select your payment method and you will get an overview of your order information. After reading and accepting our general terms and conditions, you can complete your order.

After receiving your order you will receive an order confirmation.

B. Track your order.


How can I track my order?

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The order confirmation will include a tracking number, so you can easily track your order.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

We will come back to you as soon as possible.

C. Payment methods:

At you can choose one of following payment methods:


Credit card

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Here you can easily pay with VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.
Your card will be charged when your order is made. As your credit card information go through a SSL process, we ensure the highest level of security when purchasing with us. All personal data is encrypted and cannot be seen or ready by anyone.



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If you choose to complete your payment with PayPal, at the end of your order you will be routed to PayPal. If you already have an account at PayPal, simply log in and confirm your order. If you have not used PayPal before, you can register as a guest or create a new account, and then confirm your order.
Once we have registered the payment, your order will be sent. Usually, it only takes a few minutes before we register your payment by PayPal.

Once your order is made through PayPal, you will receive an order confirmation. Please note, that in rare occasions, it may occur processing problems at PayPal, which we cannot influence. Note that a transaction through PayPal will be issued from our webpage, you cannot go to PayPal’s webpage to complete your order, then we will not link the payment with the order. Please keep this in mind when choosing PayPal as your payment method.

If you choose to return your goods, your amount will be transferred back to your PayPal account. What do you do when your money is back in your PayPal account? – Keep them in your account for further use, or transfer the amount to your bank account – it is your choice. This is options you have in your PayPal account. This is beyond our control.


Bank Transfer

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Transfer the amount to the account listed on the invoice. After receiving the payment, we will deliver the tyres.

Delivery and fitting

We make life easy for you and deliver wherever you want within our delivery area. This includes for exclusively UK.

A. Delivery


What is the delivery cost?

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At Tirendo the delivery is free of charge within mainland Britain.

For Island delivery we add delivery costs of £8.50 per tyre.

For complete wheels and rims: The prices are per complete wheel / rim plus shipping costs of £9.90 per wheel / rim within UK.


Who are our logistics partners?

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The delivery is made by Deutsche Paket Dienst (DPD). In certain occasions, it may also be made by GLS. Both are specialized in the field of tyre supply and have a close collaboration with us.


Where can I get my tyres delivered?

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We offer two alternatives for delivery:

  1. To your billing address or another stated address
  2. To one, of your choice, of our fitting partner

What is the delivery time?

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The normal delivery time for an existing order is 5 to 8 working days. For complete wheels, the delivery time is approximately 7-10 working days. Over 90% of our orders are delivered within 5 working days (please note that all delivery times are subject to stock availability). The delivery time for complete wheels is approximately 7-10 working days. You will be notified by e-mail if we do not have your tyres in stock along with a date when we expect to have stock in again. When the goods are sent out, you will receive notification by e-mail. This e-mail will serve as your invoice and will also state the delivery date.

Please note: Due to Brexit regulations, an increased delivery time must be expected. We ask for your understanding & do our best to deliver your tires to you as soon as possible.


Can I pick up my products myselft?

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No, unfortunately this option is not available. The two alternatives for receiving your products are described above.


What happens if no one is present when the products are delivered?

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We will attempt to deliver three times. After the first attempt, our logistic partner will leave you a message. Using the contact information provided, you can arrange a time for the next delivery.

B. Fitting


How do I find my fitting partner?

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You can easily find a fitting partner by entering your zip code. The tyres will be delivered to the fitting partner ready to be installed.


What is the price of installation?

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Prices for installation vary depending on fitting partner. You will see the prices when ordering. We apologize for any short-term price changes made by the fitting partner. As the fitting partner decides the prices of their services, we cannot guarantee that the prices will be the same as when making the order.

After purchasing

A. Cancellation

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By law you are entitled to cancel this contract within fourteen days without having to state your reasons. For the purchase of goods, the cancellation period is fourteen days starting on the day when you or a third person named by you, other than the carrier, took possession of the goods. If goods ordered are delivered in partial shipments, the period starts on the day of receipt of the last goods; if the contract for the delivery of goods stipulates several partial shipments or lots, the period starts on the day when the last partial shipment or lot was received;

In order to exercise your right of cancellation you have to inform us (Tirendo GmbH, Pappelallee 78/79 10437 Berlin, E-Mail: about your decision to cancel this contract giving a clear statement (e.g. by mail or email). For additional information, please see our Return Policy page.

B. Complaints

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If you want to return a product please contact us by e-mail

We will process your request as soon as possible and offer free returns and/or a new delivery free of charge.

C. Right of return

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Tirendo offer a 14 day return policy from the day you received your goods.

Further information can be found in our general terms and conditions

If you have any questions please contact our customer support at

We will get back to you as soon as possible

D. Warranty

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For information regarding warranty please see the general terms and conditions

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support at

We will get back to you as soon as possible.