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Continental Motorcycle Tyres

Extensive range of Continental motorcycle tyres

Continental motorcycle tyres, proud and joy of German-based tyre manufacturer, have had more than 100 years of road experience, having been developed in 1904. Building on its long history, the company has been able to develop a range of market-leading products using 21st-century tyre technology.

Today Continental offers motorcycle tyres for numerous segments: all-terrain, classic, racing, custom and touring, off-road and Enduro, sport, and many more. The goal of Continental is innovative solutions for maximum safety and greatest driving pleasure. For every Continental motorcycle tyre undergoes a demanding test program. Countless test kilometres are completed on race tracks, in the own test centre and in the field in all weather conditions.

Continental Motorcycle Tyres - The Legacy

To get the picture of the kind of riding style Continental tyres are designed for, understand that the company was one of the first to make rubber for superbikes in the late 1970s because the tyres of the time were not enough to support the power of the modified production motorcycles that were just emerging. This legacy continues in the catalogue of Continental motorcycle tyres that are on offer. If your riding demands are adrenaline-fuelled and you want your tyres to be street-legal at the same time, you will want to get your tyres from Continental.

Continental Motorcycle Tyres for Adventurists

That's not to say that you can't go off-road with Continental tyres. On the contrary, if you are a weekend rider who likes an unmetalled rural route or a serious off-roader, you want the adventure sports Continental motorcycle tyres to do anything for wherever you want to go. If you want to enjoy the freedom of the country roads on the weekend but use your bike for commuting to work, sport touring Continental tyres are highly recommended.

Continental Motorcycle Tyres for Racetrackers

If you prefer riding on racetracks and are looking for a street-legal race tyre for everyday use, you should definitely visit the ContiRaceAttack. Look under Endurance. This Continental motorbike tyre keeps enough contact to the ground even in extreme inclinations and thus achieves an extraordinarily good grip on bends.

Cost-effective Continental Motorcycle Tyres

Order your Continental motorbike tyres right away at You will not only find good prices, but also a convincing service. By specifying tyre size and speed index, you will get the desired tyre, which will be delivered to you free of charge within the UK mainland. You may also take advantage of our assembly partner search, which is offered to you during the ordering process and choose the tyres to be sent to a fitting station in your vicinity.

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