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Enduro tyres

Enduro tyres with excellent grip

Adventurous riders are easily identified by the bike they drive and the type of tyre that goes with their bikes. These enduro tyres easily stand out from the rest because of their knobby appearance that project an image of durability even under extreme driving conditions, which enduro driving is all about. Naturally, demanding off-road riders require motorcycle tyres that have tough and rugged construction, or they won’t last long in the dirt. The tire needs to have maximum stiffness and larger profile for better shock absorption and complete driver control. Endurance competitions demand enduro tyres that have excellent grip, comfortable ride as well as long service life for the rider’s safety not just on the road but also in competitions.

Street-legal enduro motorcycle tyres

While majority of enduro motorcyle tyres are made specifically for uphill and downhill challenges, newer enduro tyres have a more street-friendly tread pattern that offers adequate traction on either wet or dry roads, and likewise on light off-road surfaces, giving the driver the versatility to drive in a range of weather conditions. These street-legal enduro tyres are also built for competition as they are designed to meet FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) regulations. Drivers get the benefit of total control, increased traction, superior corner grip, and improved wear on all types of terrain while allowing them to cruise the streets to celebrate success.

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