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Supermoto tyres

Stay on-track with the perfect supermoto tyres

Versatility is the name of the game of supermoto racing, and that quality also reflects the kind of motorcycle tyres that go with the sport. To better understand why, look back at how Supermoto as a competition arose: When it was introduced in 1979 long before supermoto tyres became a staple, “Superbikers,” an ABC-commissioned made-for-TV event wanted to find the ultimate all-around motorcycle racer. They put together these all-stars from different genres of racing on a single-track that featured motocross, flat-track racing, and road racing. Eventually, that event evolved to become a yearly attraction in Carlsbad Raceway where its tarmac-and-dirt courses were suitable for off-road, flat track and road racing, the kind of ground that supermoto tyres are made for today.

Experienced riders agree that supermoto tyres need to have 17-inch front and rear wheel, adequate suspension and brakes, and rim width to accept proper sticky road rubber, giving the rider the versatility to go off-road, rip through canyon twists, make stunts, race, cruise through sleek streets, and look good whether on the dirt road or in expensive shop. This is to say that supermoto motorcycle tyres can take the driver anywhere, but won’t make the bike jump the highest in motocross competitions nor run the fastest on track day. Go for supersport tires if you want to do better at cornering, and dual sport tires if you want to go on adventures, but if you want to be able to do them all, Supermoto tyres are able handle these demands easily.

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