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SUV 4x4 Tyres

The champions of traction, at the best prices – SUV 4x4 tyres from Tirendo

SUV 4x4 tyres are designed to equip modern crossovers and SUVs of all types. From compact urban vehicles to high-performance SUVs, such machines exploit the traction advantages of four-wheel-drive systems to provide better stability and mobility in challenging conditions, on or off the tarmac. However, traction is always ultimately limited by the tyre’s ability to grip the surface, and remove loose materials like water, mud, or snow.

At, we have a large selection of SUV 4x4 tyres for sale, for a broad range of applications. Whether you prefer premium tyres, budget tyres, or anything in between, we offer you the best 4x4 tyre deals. Much more than simple rubber circles, these are complex products that use advanced materials and construction methods to deliver car-like handling and comfort, while also ensuring the braking power and load-bearing capacity to deal with the increased weight.

Correctly choosing your new SUV tyres

When buying online tyres for your crossover or SUV, making the right decision is critical for your satisfaction. As with any vehicle, choosing appropriate all-season tyres, summer tyres, or winter tyres can make all the difference in terms of safety. Constructive type is also important. Many small and compact SUV 4x4s use slightly reinforced variants of car tyre models, which is perfectly appropriate for most urban and motorway applications. Specialised SUV 4x4 tyres are typically employed by larger vehicles.

There are three basic SUV 4x4 tyre types. Highway-terrain tyres are essentially road tyres for SUVs, with limited off-road capabilities - perfect for luxury and performance SUVs that hardly ever venture beyond the tarmac. All-terrain tyres are highly-adaptable designs that offer an ideal compromise between on and off-road driving. For extreme 4x4 applications, mud-terrain tyres deliver immense traction in treacherous conditions – you will find these products under our ‘Off Road’ tyre section.

Excellent 4x4 tyres under the most advantageous conditions, at

Price is always a factor, especially as SUV 4x4 tyres are generally larger and more complex than equivalent car tyres. Value, however, is relative to your needs. We have everything from cheap tyres to outstanding premium tyres to dependable budget crossover and SUV tyres. Many prefer a middle-ground option, and there is so much to choose from across the range. Our many special tyre offers can help you get more for less, so order your new SUV 4x4 tyres online from Tirendo!

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