Kicking off the Tirendo Tyre Challenge

On the weekend it was finally here! The first run of the Tirendo Tyre Challenge powered by Falken went under way. While it rained cats and dogs on Friday, the weather cleared up on Saturday and we were able to welcome masses of visitors and participants in the driver’s camp at the Tyre Challenge tent.

Right at the start, the Falken pit lane team set a benchmark that would remain for quite a while. With 28.51 seconds, they made a strong “statement” in regards to quickly changing a tyre.

New Pit Stop Record During the Racing Weekend

On the afternoon of August 19, we had a number of participants that came very close to the professional time set by Team Falken. Eventually, the inevitable happened:

A participant that hadn’t even planned on taking part in the Tirendo Tyre Challenge set an unbelievable time with 24.41 seconds, which currently stands as the 1st place in the men’s scores.

Here is an overview of the scores:
Professional scores: 00:28:51 minutes
Women’s scores: 01:05:31 minutes
Men’s scores: 00:24:41 minutes

Next Time You Can Take Part as Well!

The next date is during the racing weekend from September 22-24. This means: Register now at  and win 2 of 15x2 tickets for the VLN Race.

Visit us in the driver’s camp at box 6 during the weekend and take part live. The tyre pro with the best time will win 2 sets of tyres of his or her choice from the Falken range; one set of summer tyres and one set of winter tyres.

Places 2 through 10 will win attractive prices as well and have an unforgettable motorsport experience.

In September, the Tirendo Tyre Challenge APP is added to the mix, which will give you the opportunity of taking part from the comfort of your home. There will be great prices for the champs here as well.

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