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Accelera Car Tyres

Enjoy the Use of Solid Accelera Tyres

In 1996, Accelera produced its very first tyres. Accelera tyres are made in young Indonesian company whose factory is located in a beautiful natural environment below the mountains in Bogor, Indonesia. In Accelera’s tyre range there are all types of tyres developed for trucks, cars and buses, adaptive to different weather conditions. No matter what type of tyre you are looking for, Accelera offers you low-cost tyres that will not compromise on quality.

This young company has been investing in state-of-the-art technology right from the beginning. New, advanced equipment ensures high-quality tyres, focused on safety and innovation while maintaining slim design and speed. Much of the inspiration behind the design and quality comes from the best European tyres.

Although the best of other manufacturers is included in development and production, Accelera tyres continue to be inexpensive without compromising safety and longevity. Whether you drive on slippery roads or on steep roads in the rain, they offer as good grip as on a flat road on a sunny day. With a short braking distance and good grip, you can feel safe on the road.

A large selection of Accelera tyres is available online at the shop. Here, the tyres are not only cheap, but you can also order summer and winter tyres. These tyres also have the EU label, so you can get a first impression of their quality. Buy Accelera tyres online!

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