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Accelera Car Tyres

If you think of buying new tyres for your passenger cars, then the name Accelera would immediately come to your mind. This is a popular tyre brand that manufactures quality and affordable summer andwinter tyres to suit various kinds of passenger cars. You will find a tyre to suit your vehicle without any issues. These tyres have been in the market since 1996.

Types of Accelera tyres

There are four types of Accelera tyres on offer, namely: High performance summer, high performance winter, touring summer and touring winter tyres. There are 4 different types under the high performance summer tyres: Alpha, Delta, PHI and Epilson. Accelera Iota and Beta are the touring tyres for summer and the touring winter one is the Accelera X Grip. The high performance winter tyre is the Accelera Snow. You will come across summer and snow tyres for sale in online store.

Features and specifications of Accelera tyres

The Accelera Gamma is a passenger car tyre suited to be used during summer and on wet road conditions. It comes in two sizes: 165/55 R13 70 H and 175/60 R13 77 H that represents the width / height profile, rim size, load and speed index ratings respectively. They carry an EU label rating of E fuel efficiency; C wet grip and 70dB noise levels. The PHI summer tyres are offered with width/height, rim size, load and speed index ratings: 205/50 ZR17 93W, 205/45 ZR18 95V, 225/40 ZR19 93Y, 255/30 ZR20 91Y, etc. They are manufactured to offer all round characteristics with asymmetric tread pattern for great traction and wet and dry road grip. The Alpha brandAccelera tyres are of sizes: 195/60 R15 91V, 185/65 R15 88H, 205/45 ZR16 87W, 215/45 ZR16 90W, 245/40 R17 95W and 205/35 R18 81Y, where R is the rim size, W, V and Y are speed index ratings and width/height profile of the tyres. They offer great road grip on most weather conditions and are lightweight and highly durable. The snow Accelera tyres suited for the winter is offered in various tyre sizes to suit different wheels. They are: 245/40 (width/height) R17 (rim) 95W (load and speed index rating), 225/45 R18 95V and 225/55 R19 99V. These tyres are made to suit winter conditions of snow and ice.


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