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Steel Rims Have Caught up the Alloy Rims

Many car owners prefer steel rims over aluminium rims mainly because of their robustness, but also because of the usually lower price. The technology used on steel rims is now so advanced that the weight advantage that alloy rims had earlier is almost caught up. The manufacturers have also taken a step forward in design and present chic steel rims in different shapes and colours.

Steel rims are now convincing many motorists. The safety standards for steel rims are of the same standard as the design so that the choice can be made according to the design. Since the physical differences between steel rims or rims of other materials have become very small, the purchase decision becomes a matter of personal taste.

Nevertheless, in addition to the TÜV certification, the manufacturer must above all prove that the welds are reliable and durable. A combination of steel rims and light-alloy rims is to be excluded in principle.

Rims made of steel are relatively resistant to road salt and the constant humidity encountered in winter. Also, regarding weight, steel rims have caught up as some very modern rims made of steel have slimmed down significantly compared to earlier years. Some are even lighter than aluminium rims.

With the rim configurator, you can easily determine the appropriate rims for your vehicle online in the shop. Once you have entered your specific car model, you can now choose the size, and then you will be presented with the available steel rims in the UK. There are numerous models from various manufacturers from AEZ or Dezent to Rial.


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