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Cross tyres

Choosing Motocross Tyres for Different Terrains

Unlike enduro tyres, motocross tyres do not have to withstand elements like tree roots, large rocks or water crossings. These tyres, however, have to withstand severe service brought about by clearing jumps and other man-made obstacles that measure dexterity and showcase the driver’s technical ability to handle his bike in varying types of track such as sand, mud, or loamy dirt.

How do you know which motocross tyres will work successfully in which terrain? Try kicking the ground and see if it breaks. If it’s dry and hard and does not break up under pressure, buy tyres with a hard pack tread pattern. For terrain that ranges from loose loam to hard-packed dirt, a front tyre for hard track and a rear tyre for intermediate terrain will work in most conditions.

For grounds that are rutted with soft berms, motocross tyres that will work easily through the loose soil are suitable. What’s important is to consider the dominant road condition before purchasing your motorcycle tyres. Some drivers even mix and match front and rear off-road tyre patterns for utmost driving comfort.

Bigger Knobs in Motocross Tyres

Because these are the track conditions that motocross motorcycle tyres have to navigate successfully, the tyres have to be knobby, made of harder compound rubber, and have wider-spaced and taller knobs to keep mud from accumulating in between knobs, and to create a paddle effect to propel the bike forward even in the deepest mud pits.

For terrain that is firmer, motocross tyres should be made of softer rubber for easier contact with the ground. Knobs are shorter and more closely spaced to create better grip.

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