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Cross tyres

Cross Tyres for Every Surface and Purpose

Get the best performance from your motorcycle with our cross tyres. Available in all sizes, from all industry’s leading brands. We offer a complete range of motorcycle tyres for every kind of surface, motocross and purpose. Moreover, you can ride in complete safety without compromising on fun.

Crucial to safety

Tyres are crucial to safety, comfort and performance. If you don’t have adequate cross tyres and you don’t inspect and maintain them regularly, your motorcycle will not take you far. New tyres have a very dark color which fades out to a gray with age. The older the tyre the harder and more brittle the rubber becomes which, with time, will effect performance.

Always have fun!

Choosing the right tyre should not be a complicated undertaking if you take the right steps when buying tyres for your motocross. Use our simple search box and discover the best set for your two-wheeler at After the purchase, remember to regularly check the tyre pressure, to let your tyres warm up before you increase speed, and as always, to have fun!

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