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Hankook Car All Season Tyres

Stay in control throughout the year, with Hankook all-season tyres from Tirendo

Producing a true all-weather tyre for year-round use is no minor achievement. Blending summer and winter rubber compounds and tread features in a single, smoothly-functioning product requires considerable skill and technological resources. But Hankook has already proven itself more than capable in this regard.

Hankook all-season tyres have long been appreciated for their well-rounded performance and safe driving characteristics. But the South-Korean maker never was satisfied with staying with the average group, and has invested heavily into developing its all-weather tyre technology – as shown by its latest creations.

Hankook all-season tyres - ready for anything the weather may throw in your way

The latest trends in all-weather tyre design emphasise better warm weather performance, durability, and fuel efficiency – key areas where many traditional four-season tyres fall short. Hankook is among the select few manufacturers that are leading this wave of innovation. The new Hankook Kinergy 4S is a fourth-generation all season tyre with genuine all-weather, year-round capabilities, as well as excellent green credentials.

The Hankook Optimo 4S continues to be a bestseller thanks to its balanced performance on dry and frozen surfaces and excellent aquaplaning resistance. For the keen SUV driver, the Hankook all-season tyre Dynapro MT RT03 comes in tyre sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches, and delivers all the traction and stability a general-purpose 4x4 tyre should. Transporters will doubtlessly be interested in the sturdy Hankook RA10 - an excellent all-weather van and caravan tyre.

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