Kapsen Car All Season Tyres

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Kapsen Car All Season Tyres - Great Durability and High Mileage

The Kapsen tyre brand and with it the Kapsen car all season tyres belong to the Chinese business conglomerate Shandong Huasheng Rubber Co. Tyre group. Ltd. These tyres are the perfect cover for vehicles such as minivans and compact cars which do not require such high and concrete benefits.

These Chinese tyres have a very high quality-price ratio due to features that are present in all the tyres, such as high grip in both dry and wet as well as excellent performance regarding durability and mileage.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the Kapsen brand has different models, differentiating between cars, 4x4 vehicles and vans.

Most all-season tyres from Kapsen offer low fuel consumption and high comfort as well as low level of loudness. Also, they provide exceptional control and grip at high speeds on both dry and wet surfaces. Models such as Kapsen Touringmax for all seasons is focused on saloons. It has good braking in the wet and offers excellent handling.

The Kapsen tyre brand was founded in 1994. During its more than two decades of existence, it has managed to extend an entire empire around its brand throughout the five continents, reaching an annual production of 25 million tyres in more than 100 patterns and sizes for all car and light truck tyres.

Despite its low price, it is a brand on which the Chinese conglomerate has brought together a large group of engineers working to provide the latest and best technologies to improve the performance and appearance of their products day by day.

Although Kapsen is a brand of Chinese origin and in the segment of cheap or budget tyres, it has shown to have the necessary ingredients both in quality and price to accumulate a lot of positive views on aspects such as price, a variety of models, comfort and durability.

At Tirendo.co.uk you can order Kapsen car all season tyres at prices that end up becoming the excellent claim for motorists who know they are going to buy quality products for less money.

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