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Michelin Collection Car All Season Tyres

Michelin Collection Car All Season Tyres - Reliability and Functionality Come First

Even if you are surprised by unexpected snow late in the spring, you are on the safe side with the Michelin collection car all season tyres. While a solid summer tyre performance is guaranteed in the warmer months, you can also rely on these tyres in snow and ice.

Models such as the MICHELIN Collection X M+S 89 is the winter and off-road performance tyre that shaped the demands of the tyres of the sixties.

M for mud, S for snow - or better: Mud & Snow! You had to explain that at the time. The ""89"" stands for the number of spike cells if this tyre is used on icy roads.

The Michelin X M + S 89 was developed as an all-weather tyre especially for the Citroën Méhari, but it also proved to be the ideal tyre for many other vehicles.

No wonder that even today many drivers get into raptures when talking about this classic - some remembrance in the field or on winter roadways depends on this X-version.

Whether summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres, Michelin car tyres have always been convincing due to optimal quality standards. They are not only designed for everyday road traffic, especially car tyres, but also, for example, for use in racing. With these tyres, reliability and functionality come first. From the company’s beginning, Michelin is working on further inventions, optimisations and development, so the manufacturer philosophy is geared to progress.

For the car, these tyres are synonymous with reliability, safety and audacity. The French tyres have won the trust of consumers in more than 170 countries, as they are the star tyres as well as being respectful of the environment.

For more than a century, the French manufacturer based in Clermont Ferrand, has imagined approximately 3,500 models of tyres and has been in demand by the most renowned brands of cars. It is clear that the Michelin brand is a safe bet for your vehicle.

Secure Michelin collection car all season tyres at the premium quality in our shop now at a very attractive price!

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