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Aplus tyre owned by a Chinese tyre manufacturing industry known as Asian Tyre Sourcing which is based Qingdao, China. The company was first launched about 80 years ago developed by a group of certain juveniles having knowledge about different types of tyres and rubber materials. It has been noted that the company sells about 3900 containers per year and has stringent selection basis protocol for their tyre products. At the moment, besides China, they consign their products in different transport markets in United States, Caribbean, Central and South America and is planning to further their business in Europe and the Middle- East.

High- performance winter tyres for four wheeler: Aplus A501

The company produces various types of tyres for different vehicles such as passenger tyre, truck and bus tyre, and industrial tyre. Aplus tyres have been first established in 2013 and has become popular within a short amount of time. The tyres are built with the latest innovative technology and provide various features. Aplus A501 is a high- performance tyre that belongs to the category of winter tyres. It is built with innovative technology for SUV/ 4x4 cars.

Aplus A501 consists of a special rubber compound that provides excellent traction in snowy or icy road conditions. The tyre provides optimized mileage and low rolling resistance enabling low fuel consumption and hence preventing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The tyre consists of M+S marking indicating that it is accepted by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association to drive through both mud and snow- covered roads.

It has a continuous tread pattern on its shoulder and the solid shoulder ribs enable better handling performance. It is resistant to tread cuts, punctures, and other damages. The lateral grooves of the tyre allow the water to disperse quickly and easily while driving through wet road conditions, hence, thwarting the risk of aquaplaning forces. The tyre has a speed of one- hundred and ninety kilometres per hour obtaining a speed rating of T while other tyres have a speed of two hundred and ten kilometres per hour, obtaining a speed rating of H.

Aplus A501 tyres are available in many sizes which include: APlus A501 235/70 R 16 106 T – The tyre consists of excellent handling and braking performance. The tyre provides a noise reduing system and enables a safe and comfortable ride. Unlike summer tyres or all- season tyres, it has better control in unstable and wet road conditions and can perform at high speeds without causing any sort of distortion. The tyres of Aplus follow the guidelines given by the European Union and carries the label of the European Union which was developed in order to further advance the efficiency of the economy and ecology and also provide road safety.

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