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Apollo tyre is a well- known tyre manufacturing company that has been first established in 1973. The corporate headquarters is located in Gurgaon, India and within few years, the company has risen to a prominent position in the global automobile markets. At the moment, the company has two tyre manufacturing units, one is located in India and another unit is located in the Netherlands. The company has already made plans to start a new unit in Hungary with an investment of € 475 million. Currently, the company owns five brands which are globally popular - Apollo Kaizen, Maloya, Regal and Vredestein and the products are being exported to about 100 countries all over the world.

High- performance all- season tyre: Apollo Alnac 4G

The company produces various types of tyre for different vehicles such as classic or medium- range cars, lightweight trucks, industrial and commercial vehicles of different types such as summer tyres, all- season tyres and winter tyres. On 31st of March, which is the end of their financial year, it has been reported that the company had a turnover of US $ 2.08 billion with 1600 employees working all over the world. Apollo Alnac 4G is a summer tyre with remarkable performance and provides a safe and comfortable ride. The tyre is one of the popular models of Apollo and is has received positive feedback globally.

Apollo Alnac 4G tyre consists of wide outer shoulder of the tyre enables the tyre to increase its handling properties especially in dry road conditions while the wide circumferential grooves allow the vehicle to maintain stability and grip in wet road conditions and. The tyre consists of lateral grooves that enable the water to disperse quickly in order to thwart the risk of aquaplaning forces. The tyre has low rolling resistance resulting in better fuel economy and consumes more energy by inherent friction of the tread and casing while the vehicle in moving. The tyre is fitted as an original product of the Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Superb, Chevy Cruze and Toyota Corolla.

Apollo Alnac 4G tyre is available in many sizes which include: Apollo Alnac 4G 185/55 R 15 82 H – The tyre provides a smooth ride at high speeds without causing any sort of distortion and also has a noise reducing system. The stiff optimized center rib with grooves increases the flexibility of the tyre. It is manufactured with a special silica compound that enables better traction on the road. The tyres have a speed of two- hundred and ten kilometres per hour obtaing a speed rating of H and other tyres have a speed of two- hundred and forty kilometres per hour, obtaining a speed rating of V. Apollo tyres follow the guidelines given by the the European Union and also carries a label of the European Union.

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