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Avon Vintage CR11B Tyres

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The modern Avon Vintage CR11B tyres add a touch of contemporary look to your vintage cars. They are radial tyres and are also tubeless to offer you extra mileage in case of a puncture. The following are the important features of these Avon tyres:

• The side of the tyre has a decent amount of flex to offer to offer you a comfortable ride.

• This summer tyre has steel construction inside to offer better hold for the tread pattern.

• There is a decent amount of tread pattern to ensure that you do not hear any tyre noise from inside the car.

• The tyres offer a high level of grip and thereby you can be assured of maximum performance and safety, regardless of wet or dry surface conditions.

• The unique silica gel compound used to make the tyres ensures that it is capable of lifting heavy loads. It also offers ride smoothness, despite carrying heavy loads.

• The tyres are designed to reduce the rolling resistance and hence it offers better fuel consumption.

Specifications of Avon Vintage CR11B tyre

The Avon Vintage CR11B tyre is offered as two types: whitewall tyre and no whitewall tyre. Both the tyres are suited for fifteen inch rim size and its width is 235 and profile height is 70. The maximum load index rating is 101 and it can withstand maximum speed of 150 mph. The EU label rating of the CR11B tyres is: F for fuel efficiency, noise class of 2 with a noise level of 69 dB and E wet grip. These tyres can be bought at the lowest prices only at Tirendo.

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