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Avon Turbospeed RB Tyres

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The Avon Turbospeed RB tyres are manufactured to offer high performance for premium branded cars. They contain high end cross ply design for a selected range of high performing and luxury cars. The characteristics of the Turbospeed RB tyres are:

• The tyre is a steel braced radial tyre that is specifically designed to offer best road holding characteristics of high speed cars.

• The tyre features the advanced Avon construction that has two steel breakers, two rayon plies and two nylon restrictors.

• You will enjoy quick and perfect steering response both during dry and wet road conditions.

• The tread pattern is an open block type and this ensures that the tyre offers the best level of traction on wet roads.

• The tread pattern is designed in such a way that it retains the low noise levels.

• The high quality construction and the proper sizing of the tyres give it a classic and modern classic look and performance for luxury vehicles.

Specifications of Avon Turbospeed RB tyres

The Avon Turbospeed RB tyres are manufactured to suit rim sizes of 15 and 16 inches. The 15 inch wheels are fitted with 8.20 H and 6.70 H tyre sizes. The 8.20 H tyre offers a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour and its load index is 102. The 6.70 H 15 inch tyre offers a service index of 91 H, where H is the maximum speed of 102 miles per hour and 91 is the load index. The 16 inch wheels can be fitted with 6.00 H tyres with maximum load index capacity of 89 and the speed range of 210 kilometers per hour. You can buy these tyres at affordable rates from Tirendo.

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