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Barum Car Tyres

Barum tyres – because value has a quality all its own

Do you want more car tyre for your money? Simply choose Barum tyres, from Tirendo. Member of the Continental family, this Czech brand is a core part of the German giant’s strategy. Its purpose is to represent a European alternative to the flood of Oriental brands in the budget tyre sector.

Drawing numerous benefits from Continental’s massive technological expertise, Barum tyres are much more than cheap tyres – these truly are products that deliver value, rather than simply a low purchase price. Quality is an essential part of the package, making Barum tyres an excellent choice for the economy-oriented British customer.

Get more into the bargain, with Barum tyres from Tirendo

Barum summer tyres are diverse enough to cater for most motoring needs. The Barum Brillantis and Brillantis 2 are great all-round models for small and compact vehicles – and, deservedly, among the best-selling Barum tyres. For compact and mid-sized family cars, we also recommend the efficient Barum Bravuris 2 and Bravuris 3HM. The Barum Bravuris 4x4 and Bravuris 3HM SUV are capable 4x4 tyres, and the Barum Vanis and Vanis 2 would work brilliantly on your van or caravan.

Barum winter tyres are just as attractive, especially with the excellent tyre deals you can get at Tirendo. The Barum Polaris 3 and Polaris 3 4x4 will prove inexpensive, yet steadfast companions through the worst of weather. Barum tyres for transporters who need to keep working in harsh winter conditions are also available – namely, the very advantageous Barum Snovanis and Snovanis 2.

You can always find the largest diversity of cheap and budget tyres online at Tirendo – as well as eco, performance, and premium tyres, all at competitive prices!

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