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BF Goodrich Car Tyres

Shop for Goodrich Tyres Easily Online from Tirendo

Goodrich Tyres are very popular all over the world. You will come across a wide variety of car tyres to suit various driving conditions and vehicles when you shop at the popular online store Tirendo.

History of Goodrich Tyres

The legacy of Goodrich Tyres dates back to 1870, when Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich along with the backing of local investors, set up the very first tyre factory in Akron, Ohio in North America. This brand’s legacy was taken a step forward by Charles Cross Goodrich, the son of Benjamin, set up a research centre in America and provided the tyres to a model A Ford car that crossed from the east to the west of North America. The Goodrich tyre company faced a lot of challenges and were able to over the obstacles and challenges that came in their way to make life easy, safe and enjoyable for the motorists all over the world. There are many breakthroughs that have taken place in the automobile tyre industry and Goodrich is responsible for many of the advancements. Today, it is one of the most sought after tyres by car and racing enthusiasts all over the globe.

Tyre Types from Goodrich Tyres

If your demand is more out of the tyres, then BF Goodrich has the tyres you need. The tyres are developed by driving enthusiasts who like to steer their vehicles on race tracks during weekends or also enjoy off-roading adventures. You will get a full range of passenger car tyres, off road tyres, utility vehicle tyres when you shop for Goodrich tyres online.

General Specifications of Goodrich Tyres

The popular brand of car tyres to suit city cars to high powered cars on offer are: Goodrich G-Grip, Goodrich G-Grip All Season, Goodrich g-Force Winter and Goodrich Winter G.

  • The size of the Goodrich G-Grip tyres range from 14” to 17” and their dimensions range from 165/65 R14 to 255/40 R17. The EU labelling of the tyres read: E, C and F fuel efficiency; B wet grip and audio levels 69 to 70 dB.
  • The BF Goodrich Tyres with G-Grip and for all seasons range from 13” to 18” and the width, profile and rim size range from 155/65 R 14 to 225/45 R17 respectively. The EU labelling fuel efficiency reads: C and E; wet grip C and 71 dB noise level.
  • The Goodrich g-Force Winter tyres range from 13” to 18” with width, profile and rim size ranging from 155/65 R14 to 225/40 R18 respectively. The EU labelling fuel efficiency is C, E; wet grip C and noise level 71 dB.
  • Goodrich Winter G tyres range from 13 to 14 inches with 155/70 R13 to 165/70 R14. The fuel efficiency and wet grip rating is E and the noise level varies from 71 to 72 dB.

Buy Goodrich Tyres Online

If you need to find all kinds of tyres, then shop for Goodrich online from Tirendo store. You can be assured of the quality and also get the tyres at discounted prices when you shop Goodrich tyre online.

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