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Find Reliable Tyres that Can Be Used in Dry, Wet, and Even Snowy Conditions - the Continental All Season Contact

Winter tyres are not legally necessary anywhere in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using them. If you are concerned about driving in different seasons, the Continental All Season Contact may be the solution you are looking for. These versatile tyres fall under the category of all-season wheel covers, and they are designed to provide optimal performance on all surfaces and during any season.

A reliable option that can be used year-round

Although many manufacturers continue releasing specific winter and summer wheel covers, the Continental All Season Contact are a great example of a dynamic model that you will not need to change at all. These wheels feature a modern tread design that uses fewer sips than similar models, but can match any of its competitors’ performance.

By implementing a specialised, adaptive all-season compound, the Continental All Season Contact achieves incredible grip and handling when going from dry to wet surfaces. Even when exposed to snowy, temperate conditions, this reliable set of tyres still offered a smooth, quiet, and safe ride.

Find the best Continental All Season Contact for your vehicle

You can find the most competitive prices for the Continental All Season Contact at starting at just under £39 each, or browse through our extensive catalogue of summer, winter, and all-season tires available.

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