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Why opt for Continental EcoContact 5?

The Continental EcoContact 5 tyres are designed to suit the wheels of compact and midsized cars. These summer tyres offer greater safety and stability with advanced features. This is an eco-friendly tyre with the run flat feature so that you can travel more kilometers on a puncture.

Features of Continental EcoContact 5

These Continental tyres are an energy saving tyre made for drivers looking for lower fuel consumption on long distance travel. The tyre comes with optimized rolling resistance and its central grooves are designed in such a way that it offers good aquaplaning. The outer shoulders of the tyre have additional silica compound to ensure better handling and stability while cornering.

Specifications of Continental EcoContact 5

The Continental EcoContact 5 tyres are designed to suit wheel sizes from 14-17 inches. The tyre specifications that are offered at to fit 14 inch rims are ranging from 165/65 to 185/70 and from 79T to 88T representing width/height and load speed index. The tyre width/ height profile ranging from 165/ 60 to 205/ 65 with 77H to 94V load speed index are the specifications for 15 inch tyres. The specifications for 16 inch and 17 inch rims are from 185/50 to 225/55 81H to 95V and from 205/50 to 225/55 93V to 101V respectively. All these tyres meet the EU tyre label ratings.

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