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Use Continental SportContact Tyres To Power Up Your Car

There is no doubt that Continental SportContact is the best tyres you can use on your car if you love to drive the car at high speeds. With great handling and grip the tyres allows you to ride like a racer.

History of Continental tyres

Continental was started as a stock corporation called “Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie” in 1871 in Hanover. It started manufacturing soft rubber products and solid bicycle tyres and tyres for carriages. The company was the first tyre company in the world to bring out grooved tyres for automobiles in 1904. In 1905, Continental manufactured anti-skid tyres. This was followed by the invention of detachable wheel rim for touring cars in 1908. It merged with a few major tyre companies to form “Continental Gummi-Werke AG” in 1920. The company is now divided into Rubber Group and Automotive Group and have five separate divisions. The tyre division of the Continental tyres manufacture high quality and durable tyres of various types for passenger cars, vans, SUV, trucks, buses, bicycles and motorcycles. These tyres are renowned the world over and are exceptional for all weather conditions.

Types of Continental tyres

You will come across a wide range of passenger car tyres from Continental. There are many different models of summer and winter car tyres that offer you great riding comfort and the EU tyre label standards are maintained. Some of the popular tyres include: Continental SportContact and its series, Continental PremiumContact and its series, Conti ForceContact, Conti.eContact for hybrid cars, Conti EcoContact, Continental and WinterContact and its series.

Technical specifications of Continental SportContact

The Continental SportContact tyres are designed to offer great comfort for the passengers on the road. These tyres are suited for 4x4 and SUVs. The tyre offers 100% safe driving at all times. It will offer you great control and precision no matter you drive your car on highways, city roads, gravel or wet conditions.

  • The asymmetrical tread patterns used in the tyres will offer you excellent control when steering through the corners.
  • The grooves of the SportContact tyres are designed in such a way that they will repel off the water and offers safety against aquaplaning.
  • You will enjoy the top class road performance.
  • The 19 inch Continental SportContact radial tyres have tyre width/height of 275/45, speed index of 300 kmph, with EU label standards of fuel efficiency F, wet grip B and noise level 72dB.
  • The 20 inch tyres have: tyre width and height 275/40, speed index: 300km/h, FR rim protection, fuel efficiency E and F, wet grip C and B and noise level 73dB.

Buying Continental SportContact

One of the best options to buy Continental SportContact tyres is to buy it online. You will be amazed to find all the varieties of SportContact tyres online at attractive prices. You can find the right tyre size, profile and the widths of car tyres easily when shopping online. There are many reputed and reliable stores online that sell genuine Continental tyres to suit your car type.

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