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Continental WinterContact TS 800 Tyres

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The Continental WinterContact TS 800 is a premium winter tyre that provides comfort and control for small and compact cars. Its well-balanced driving behaviour in all cold weather conditions makes it an ideal choice for a variety of customers. One of the German maker’s most popular models, the Winter Contact TS 800 is a competent winter tyre that certainly deserves its place in the spotlight.

Top performance for the cold season – the Continental WinterContact TS 800

Combining excellent stability on cold wet and snow-covered roads with fuel-saving technology, this Continental winter tyre is a boon for motorists as well as the environment. Easily one of the best winter tyres in its class, the Continental WinterContact TS 800 has performed well in various winter tyre tests - with high ratings for important criteria such as wet and dry grip, comfort, driver feedback, and tread wear.

Continental winter tyre technology for enhanced stability and comfort

The effective tread pattern of the WinterContact TS 800 consists of a directional honeycomb design that generates a large number of angled biting edges. This makes the little Continental tyre a strong performer in the snow, while also generating excellent water pumping for good aquaplaning resistance.

Stability in the wet is of course an important aspect of winter driving in the UK. The Continental WinterContact TS 800 employs its arrow-shaped groove structure to rapidly disperse water, remaining sure-footed in the wet. Also, the compact block structure produces a larger contact surface, which has a very noticeable impact on braking performance.

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