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Why Continental WinterContact TS 810 Is The Best Winter Tyre?

Installing winter tyres will not be a challenge when you use Continental WinterContact TS 810. This tyre with excellently reliable quality from the worldwide leader in tyre industry is the undoubtedly the most favourite choice of many vehicle owners during winters.

About Continental

Continental was founded as “Continental-Caoutchouc-und Gutta-Percha Compagnie” in 1871 for manufacturing rubberized fabrics, soft rubber goods and tyres for bicycles and carriages. Continental was the first company in the world to produce grooved tyres for automobiles in 1904 and in 1905 the company started producing anti-skid tyres. In 1960’s company developed environment friendly passenger car tyres. The Passenger and Light Truck Tyres Division include the Continental, Uniroyal, Barum, Semperit, Viking, General Tire, Mabor, Gislaved, and Sportiva brands.

The Continental tyres are available for different applications like for trucks, passenger cars, buses, special vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles etc. These tyres offer excellent tracking irrespective of the weather conditions. The tyres from continental have become the first choice many leading vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. Every third vehicle leaving the production line in Europe is fitted with Continental tyres to ensure safety while driving on the road.

Types of Continental tyres

Continental comes out with a wide variety of tyres for different weather conditions like summer, winter and all season. You will find Continental to offer tyres for passenger cars, 4x4, SUVs, light and heavy trucks, vans, industries and buses. There are summer and winter tyres for vans. Summer tyres include: ContiVanContact series, Vanco Eco, Vanco Camper, Vanco Contact 2 and Vanco 2. Vanco Winter 2 and VanContact Winter are the two winter van tyres. The WinterContact TS850P, Conti4x4WinterContact and ContiCrossContact Winter are the winter tyres for SUVs and the summer tyres are: ContiCrossContact series, ContiSportContact, ContiEcoContact, Conti4x4Contact and ContiTracSUV.

The passenger car summer tyres include: SportContact 6; ContiSportContact 2, 3, 5, 5P; ExctremeContact DW and ContiForceContact. The winter car tyres are: Continental WinterContact TS 810, TS 790, TS 800, TS 810 Sport, TS 830 P, TS 850 P, TS 770 and TS 780.

Features of Continental WinterContact TS 810

This is a powerful, sporty tyre most suited for power driven medium and luxury cars. The combination of very good wet grip, high quality, handling and safe driving features make the Continental WinterContact TS 810 a popular choice among car owners.

  • The car features an asymmetrical tread pattern with improved edge characteristics in the middle and inside area of the tyre. This way it has great grip on snow.
  • The sipes are thicker inside the tyre and hence it can take in more snow. The friction between the snow on the ground and tyre offers greater traction.
  • The use of new silica compound and polymer ensures better performance on wet conditions.

Technical specifications of Continental WinterContact TS 810

  • The Continental WinterContact TS 810 comes with rim sizes 15 and 16.
  • The tyre diameters are 185 and 195 with tyre height profile 55, 60 and 65.
  • The EU labelling reads as: E and F fuel efficiency, C wet grip and 71 and 72 dB noise level.
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