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Continental WinterContact TS 850P Tyres

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WinterContact TS 850P


Undoubtedly one of the stars of Continental’s highly-acclaimed line of winter tyres, the Continental WinterContact TS 850P is a performance-oriented variant of the award-winning TS 850 family. Available in tyre sizes that make it suitable for vehicles ranging from compacts to luxury saloons and SUVs, this excellent winter tyre impresses with exceptional performance in cold wet conditions.

The Continental WinterContact TS 850P – the next generation premium winter tyre

The Continental WinterContact TS 850P makes good use of the latest technological advances in cold weather compounds, producing top notch driving behaviour in any weather. Braking on snow is also one of the fortes of this exceptional Continental winter tyre, ensuring its place on the shopping list of safety-conscious motorists for years to come.

The latest incarnation of German quality – enjoy the Continental WinterContact TS 850P

Continental’s experienced and imaginative tyre developers have somehow succeeded in arming this winter tyre’s tread with a vast number of blocks, without compromising rigidity. The result is a stable structure with excellent water and snow removal properties. The ingeniously carved void structure of the Continental WinterContact TS 850P can take up more snow and translate it into friction, resulting in better grip on frozen surfaces.

Under lateral load, the precisely-calculated flexibility of the blocks increases road contact surface, helping you safely carry more speed through tight corners – a feature normally seen on high-end summer tyres. And these are just some of the Continental WinterContact TS 850P’s outstanding features.

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