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Duro Car Tyres

Duro Tyres are affordable with impressive performance

About the company:

Founded in the year of 1945, the Duro Tyres and Wheel is a leading tyre company in the world that provides safe, highly performance and decent tyres. The company is known to have its sales offices and factories in four countries which includes China, Taiwan, Thailand and Unites States of America. The company place a high focus on keeping the costs low while maintaining high quality and good performance of the products. As a result, the Duro Tyres are able to produce cheap car tyres, cheap high-performance tyres, cheap SUV tyres etc. Their products are exported worldwide and as a result, they have gained international recognition. Although the tyres are low cost, they are produced by maintaining the strictest quality standards and the company strives to provide the best customer service experience.

Sample Product:

Duro HF918 Tire - Rear - 140/70 R 17, TP 4, LR 66, SR H: It is an all- season tyre that performs best in both wet and arid road conditins. It is an adequate tyre with incredible functionality. It has a high stability and durability. The tyres go through a strict and thorough testing process before being supplied to the automobile markets. The tyres follows the general decree of the various organizations. The tyre is known to provide a comfortable and safe rides even in rugged roads. In order to prevent any overloading suspension components, the tyre has an excellent dry grip. The tyre has minor level of rolling resistance providing better fuel economy and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motion. It has a noise reducing system which allows a quiet and comfortable ride.

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