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Fortuna Car Tyres

High quality Fortuna Tyres

About the Company

Fortuna Tyres was first set up in the year of 2005. It is a Belgian tyre manufacturing and trading company owned by Deldo. The company has invested a huge amount of its budget in researching how to produce high-quality products within an affordable budget. In the year 2015 Fortuna Tyres launched a new line of winter tyres with innovative patterns and an improved mixture of rubber along with a modern design. Next Fortuna launched a new summer tyre series that is still continuing in 2017 and includes 5 new summer patterns. Finally this year Fortuna Tyres launched a new all season tyre that allows users to drive anytime with comfort and safety regardless of the weather. Fortuna summer, winter and all-season tyres are available for SUVs, passenger cars, vans, trucks and many other different kinds of vehicles. The company is widely known for its trend of releasing new tyre sizes every year. Hence the company has one of the biggest ranges of sizes available in the entire tyre industry. Currently, Fortuna Tyres are exported to more than 38 countries worldwide.

Sample Product

Among the many popular tyres of the company is the Fortuna F2000. The Fortuna F2000 is a high-performance tyre designed to be used in summer for passenger cars. The tyre provides incredible wear resistance and performs very smoothly at high speeds in all kinds of roads without causing any kind of distortion. The tyre consists of a continuous solid center rib which results in greater stability. It also has continuous tread pattern blocks in both of its shoulders. The Fortuna F2000 offers improved handling properties and has an innovative noise reducing system allowing you to have a quiet and comfortable drive.

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