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General Altimax Winter Plus – An Expert Tyre For Winters

General Altimax Winter Plus offers high traction for passenger vehicles, crossovers and SUV’s at low winter temperatures. The dual tread compound is ideal for wet traction and even treads wear. The sipes system increases the traction during driving.

About General tyres

General Tyres have more than 100 years of history and is still the premium tyre producer of the industry. This company was the vision of William F. O'Neil and his partner Winfred E. Fouse. Though they started with general jumbo tyres, they started producing the rubber flaps for trucks and low pressure tyre balloons later. The company entered to passenger car tyre original equipment market by supplying the products to General Motors in started the test track at Uvalde, Texas in 1983. German tyre maker Continental acquired General Tyre in the year 1987.

Varieties of General tyres

You will find performance, light truck, SUV, passenger car, summer, winter, commercial and custom ride tyres offered by General. All of these tyres have been developed to offer special characteristics and to suit your needs. The car tyres suited for the winter season are: General Altimax Winter Plus, Altimax Nordic and Altimax Arctic. The tyres you can use on your cars during summer are: Altimax Sport and Altimax comfort. The summer tyres for SUV and off road are: Grabber GT, MT, HTS60 and ER. The winter tyre for off road vehicles and SUV is the Snow Grabber. Eurovan 2 and Eurovan are the summer and the winter tyres you can use in light trucks and minivans respectively.

Technical specifications of General Altimax Winter Plus

The best General Altimax tyre for winter is the Winter Plus. It is an expert one to withstand harsh icy and snowy conditions. They can be used on all kinds of vehicles and can be used as an all season tyre. These tyres offer great traction during winters and will perform very well at the corners on snow and ice road conditions.

  • The General Altimax Winter Plus tread pattern is designed in such a way that the snow in the tyre tread will perfectly get into contact with the snow on the road. This way you get thorough traction during the winter and great stability while cornering.
  • The grooves in the tyre will help to repel off water from the tyre instantly during wet conditions. There is minimum risk of aquaplaning.
  • The snow and mud are displaced by the tread in all the directions. This way you can enjoy very good directional control when driving on winter roads.

Size details of General Altimax Winter Plus

The General Altimax Winter Plus tyres comer in rim sizes from 13” to 18”. The tyre size for 13” range from 155 to 175 widths with height profiles 70 and 80. The 14 inch rim size tyres have 165 to 185 tyre widths and 60, 65 and 70 height profiles. The 15” range from 175 to 205 tyre width and 55 to 65 height profile. The tyre width ranges from 205 to 225 and height profile from 55 to 60 for 16” tyres. The 17” have 225 tyre width and 45 to 55 height profile. The 18 inch tyre has 225/40 width and height profile. The EU labelling of these tyres ranges from F to G fuel efficiency, C for wet grip and 71 dB noise level.

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