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Gislaved SPEED 616 is a summer tyre from the reputed brand. This tyre is well suited for unpredictable weather conditions by providing dynamic handling and good grip. This is a quality tyre which offers superb value to the car users.

About Gislaved tyres

This company was originated in Sweden in the year 1897. Over the centuries, the company has earned the reputation as the highly dependable tyre product manufacturer. After becoming a subsidiary of Germany based Continental AG in 1992 the company has mainly targeted the northern European and Canadian market. The summer and winter tyres from Gislaved Company give focus on active handling and secure grip. The product line up includes different models of tyres for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and SUVs. The brand products are manufactured with advanced technology. You will be able to satisfy any of your tyre requirements using the wide range of products offered by this company.

Types of Gislaved tyres

The summer tyres on offer from Gislaved include: Urban SPEED, Ultra SPEED, SPEED 606, SPEED 616, SPEED C and Com SPEED. The winter tyres from Gislaved tyres are: Euro frost van, Nord Frost van, Nord frost 100 and Euro Frost 5. The winter tyres come with winter tyre markings as well as the M+S marking. This denotes “Snowflake on the mountain” label. With this marking, you can be assured that the tyre is very well suited to icy and snowy roads and has a tread depth of minimum 4 mm.

Technical details of Gislaved SPEED 616

  • The following are the technical details of Gislaved SPEED 616 tyre that makes it a very good summer tyre.
  • The shoulder blocks have lots of sipes to offer a smooth, comfortable and a noise free ride.
  • The circumferential central ribs are wide and hence the tyre will always be in contact with the road.
  • The mileage gets a boost with the use of flat belt contour.
  • The tyre offers great steering response and also has excellent driving stability.
  • The ground pressure distribution is balanced and hence the wear and tear of the tyre is even. This results in higher mileage.
  • The rolling performance is improved and this increases the longevity of the tyre.
  • The tyre is suited to drive on dry as well as wet roads.
  • The lateral grooves along the tyre’s width are quite wide and this helps in quick drainage of the water in its contact path.
  • The tyre works perfectly in extreme wet conditions and offers great protection from hydroplaning.

Tyre sizes of Gislaved SPEED 616

The Gislaved SPEED 616 tyres are offered in rim sizes 13” to 15”. The 13”: tyres come with 135 to 175 widths with height profile 70 and 155 to 175 width with height 65. The 14 inch tyre ranges are: 165 to 195 widths for height 70, 155 to 185 widths and height 65 and 185/60 widths and height respectively. The 15” tyres are: 185 and 195 widths with 65 height profile. All tyres adhere to the EU labelling standards.

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