Features of Linglong Greenmax

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Features of Linglong Greenmax

This high performance tyre for summer conditions comes with asymmetrical tread design which provides best possible ground contact. The braking distance also gets reduced on dry and wet surfaces with this design. Handling performance is improved by the lug type shoulder blocks. Wheels are protected from curb damage by the rim flange protector on the exterior. The wide circumferential grooves of the Linglong Greenmax tyres offer comfortable driving.

Tyre specifications of Linglong Greenmax

The Linglong Greenmax tyres you can buy will fit wheels ranging from 14 to 17 inches. The tyre specifications that suits 14 inch wheels are: 165/60 75H, 175/65 82H, 185/55 80H, 185/60 82H and 185/65 86H. The tyres you can buy from that fits 15 inch wheels are: 175/60 81H, 175/6584H, 185/55 82V, 185/60 88H, 195/50 82H, 195/55 85V, 195/60 88H205/60 91H, 205/65 95H and 215/60 95H. The tyres that perfectly fit rims of 16 inches are: 165/45 74V, 205/50 87V, 205/55 91H, 205/60 92V, 205/65 95H, 215/60 95H, 215/65 100H, 225/65 100H and 235/65 103H. The tyres suited for 17 inch wheels range from 165/40 75V to 225/65 102H and all tyre specs are represented as tyre width/height and load and speed indexes respectively.

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