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Reliable Summertime Wheel Covers for Sedans and Coupes - the Maxxis Pro R1 Tyres

Small vehicles that have an emphasis on speed require quality tyres for better performance. When it comes to ultra-high performance tyres, the Maxxis Pro R1 Tyres are durable options that perform well in dry and wet surfaces.

Choosing the best tyres for your sedan or sports car

Sedans and coupes focus on speed and providing a comfortable driving experience. The Maxxis Pro R1 Tyres are designed to help improve traction in dry and wet conditions and decreased rolling resistance, resulting in a smoother, faster ride.

The Pro R1 features a five-rib tread pattern, which improves dry performance while reducing noise levels inside the vehicle. In addition to this, four individual circumferential grooves provide resistance against hydroplaning and enhanced wet traction.

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