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Brillantis 2
Barum Brillantis 2
155/70 R13 75T
  • Tyre label / Efficiency class:
    E C 70 dB
24,40 £
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Mentor Car Tyres

Types of Mentor Tyres

The summer tyres offered by Mentor are: M400, M350A and M300. These Mentor tyres are suited for low end and middle range passenger cars. They have strong and deep grooves to help in better water repulsion from its surface. The tread design is such that it helps in offering better stability, traction, braking and cornering. The Mentor M 200 and the M250 are the winter tyres suited for passenger cars. These are low cost tyres that offer good stability and driving comfort. The tread life and sipes are designed in such a way to ensure smooth comfort and rides, road traction and excellent wet grips.

Mentor Tyre Specifications

The Mentor M400 summer tyres sold at have tyre dimensions of 185/65 and 165/65 suited for 13 and 14 inch wheels with a load and speed index ratings of 79 and 80 T. The M350A Mentor tyres carry readings of 205/55 width/height, 91 load index and V speed rating suited for 16 inch rim size. The Mentor M200 winter tyres for rim sizes 13 to 15 inches have specifications like: 165 to 195 width, 65 height, 77 to 91 load indexes and T speed rating. uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our website. By using our site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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