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Michelin Alpin 5: Safety and Mobility Even in Severe Winter Conditions

Michelin Alpin 5 car tyres are the kind of winter tyres you fit your car with when headed for a skiing trip to the Austrian Alps or on any snow-covered mountain road for a night of fun without worrying about your safety or mobility. Excellent on dry and wet, and superb on ice and snow, Michelin Alpin 5 winter tyres provide a high level of driving comfort and great road feedback even in severe winter conditions.

Michelin Alpin 5 – Premium Touring Winter Tyre

As a premium touring winter tyre, Michelin Alpin 5 shows remarkable grip even on dry roads, but it's on wet surfaces that this tyre comes into its own league. Rated highly for its superb traction even on dangerously slippery surfaces, the tyre is exactly the type you want to use to prevent aquaplaning. Even when pushing it at its maximum "H" speed limit, Michelin Alpin 5 car tyres do not show any signs of wear, even with some serious driving in the dry.

But it's achieving a high level of safety that is the focus of Michelin Alpin 5 design. The design elements of these Michelin tyres can be seen in the "teeth effect" that lets the tyres bite into the snow to prevent aquaplaning. On the other hand, the tyres' slats create a "claw effect" to obtain maximum traction so you can enjoy graded, slippery roads in utmost safety and comfort. To achieve enhanced steering precision, Michelin utilized its "StabiliGrip" technology to create a larger contact area on the ground.

Michelin Alpin 5 Features

This series of Michelin winter tyres has been created using functional elastomers to create a homogenous rubber mixture, which translates to better grip on wet and snowy roads without reducing the energy efficiency of the tyre. The Helio Compound Technology has also come into play for Michelin Alpin 5, and this series has been optimized for top-notch performance even at very low temperatures.

Michelin Alpin 5 winter tyres come in dimensions ranging from a width of 185-215mm, with the tyre's height ranging from 50-65% of the tyre's width. The tyres fit wheels with a diameter ranging from 15 to 17 inches. If these tyres are not suitable for your car, have a look in our online catalogue where we offer a wide rage of premium, brand and low cost tyres. Order your winter tyres online, at

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